Learn. Grow. Flourish.

This is how little children learn best


Through play-based learning skilled adults guide and facilitate learning in a rich variety of environments and forms.


In nature children interact with an organic world in which the connection between living things can actually be seen, touched, and experienced.


Everyone flourishes best in a place that is safe and loving. Love for our students creates fertile ground for love among our students.

The Arts

Rhymes, rhythms, dances, and art not only make information “sticky”, they forge physical connections within the brain and body.

Your Child Can Flourish!

The Judson Difference

Our Facility


“In a time where division is found more often than not…pastor Allan Sherer created “pandemic pods,” which brought members of the community together to mentor and support underserved students. His efforts were met by churches, business leaders and other ministries to establish “The Judson School,” a preschool which will open this fall for underserved children.”

Senator Tim Scott

“This is exactly the kind of innovation and collaboration that is desperately needed in this moment. The Judson School is going to make a big difference.”

Dr. Ben Carson

“We have to give children an alternative to what they’re given.”

Rev. Windell Rogers

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