Our Story

Over the past three years Covid devastated educational system that was already strained to the breaking point. In response to Covid a broad coalition formed in our community drawn from faith-based institutions, community organizations, educators, and business-people. This coalition opened ten pandemic pods in Greenville’s least-served communities. As a result, more than 200 minority and low-income children in our community were supported through the pandemic. Most of these children ended up making the A-B honor roll, many for the first time in their academic experience.

As the pandemic eased and children returned to school the stakeholders in this project began to dream of a new kind of school in the Upstate – one that would unify the same broad coalition of stakeholders with the goal of “flipping the script” for our children who, at present, have the least educational opportunity. The Judson School is the fruition of that dream. Read the articles below to learn more about our journey.